Our Products


Minted Bars

We have refined our brand, purifying it to create a new identity while being instantly recognisable as a symbol of quality, simplicity and integrity. Afriswiss Gold Refinery acts as agent for selected gold producers in the refining, marketing and sale of their gold production.

In so doing, we have liaison arrangements with Members of the LBMA in London for the sale and distribution of gold refined by Afriswiss Gold Refinery into Value Added Products. With a recent change in legislation, Africans are now able to invest in minted bars. Minted bars are however only available in 10g, 50g and 100g gold and 1oz silver.

Cast Bars

Good Delivery Gold Bars are the internationally accepted trading standard used by gold dealers, traders and bullion banks around the world to trade and deal in gold.

As an LBMA accredited London Good Delivery supplier, Afriswiss Gold Refinery has produced 400 troy ounce bars (also known as LGD bars), since inception.

The refinery’s 100 troy ounce cast bars also have good delivery status on the New York Mercantile Exchange (Comex Division) since 1974 and the 1000 gram bars on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (Tocom) since 1993.


Coin Blanks

Coin Blanks Refined gold, cast into strips, is rolled and punched into coin blanks which are individually weighed to ensure that each blank contains the amount of gold requested and checked to ascertain that it conforms to the size i.e. diameter and thickness ordered. Orders for coin blanks usually come from mints around the world.

Coin blanks can be supplied in a certified alloy range of 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct and 24ct (9999’s) as well as 999 purity silver.

All coin blanks are produced from responsible gold.

Other diameters can be quoted for on request.

Gold Nuggets

Afriswiss Gold Refinery produces a range of gold and silver semi-fabricated products in the form of wire and granules. The company – through its state of the art laboratory – also provides metallurgical advice and analytical services to the jewellery industry.

Afriswiss Gold Refinery produces gold carat alloys in grain form and sterling silver for the jewellery manufacturing industry. These granules are much easier to work with as they are easier to melt and can also be sold in varying smaller quantities as required by the fabricators. All gold semi-finished product is produced from responsible gold.